frequently asked questions

  • +What areas does machete.systems service?
    We have clients in nearly all Australian states - Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland. (Looking for our first in ACT, Tasmania and Northern Territory!) We also work with brands from the USA, UK - matter of fact we help clients from all over the world.
  • +Do you work with Amazon Vendor?
    We can definitely advise you in regard to how the Vendor relationship works and options you might not know existed for your brand. Vendor (1P or Retail) as well as Seller (3P or Marketplace) along with hybrid options are all possible.
  • +Do you set up Amazon Accounts?
    Yes. We can take you from start to finish with your Amazon journey.
  • +How much work is expected from my team or do you “do it all”?
    We are a full-service, complete “done-for-you” service. You provide the brand assets and strategic goals and we make them happen. If you are too stretched or too busy to tackle Amazon then we are the ideal solution.
  • +What Amazon Marketplaces can you handle?
    Amazon in the USA, Canada, Mexico (NARF) UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, as well as all EU (Pan-EU programs), Australia, Singapore, and currently we are working on capabilities for Japan, India and UAE.
  • +What services does your Amazon Agency offer?
    All aspects of consulting and management of Amazon including but not limited to: Account setup, listing creation and optimisation, advertising set up and management, sales tracking and reporting, inventory, freight and even help with export grants and 3PL.
  • +Do you work with Amazon Brand Registry? Amazon Transparency Program or Project Zero?
    Yes. We are experts in all of these areas and work with them daily.
  • +How long does it take to get started selling on Amazon?
    For a brand new brand, never been on Amazon before - we can start work within a few weeks and we aim to have you up and running with your first sales being made by the end of the second month. For established brands potentially much sooner.