ahead of the wave

Positioning. As anyone who’s surfed (including me back in the day!) would know instantly from the picture above, the guy having a great ride compared to the pack, was in position first. Everyone knows great surfers paddle to where the wave will be BEFORE it can be seen. Once you can see the wave, it’s too late.
Business (and especially retailing) is very much the same. Great brands position themselves ahead of the wave while everybody else plays catch up and shares in the leftovers.
With Amazon tipping past the AU$1B mark last year, I am making an earnest plea for Australian brand owners to get themselves set up for the wave that is coming. Some analysts are predicting Amazon in Australia will be doing $20B+ by 2030. A prediction that’s hard to believe.

What is known, is brands all over the world know that Amazon makes up for 50% of their total online sales. It is the single biggest thing your company can do to ensure thriving in an eCommerce led retailing future.

Even if you are not ready for expert help, please reach out to me for free advice on some simple steps your brand can take today to make sure you are in the front of the line-up when the Amazon wave arrives on the horizon.

Tim Shelton