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Back to the Future? Amazon Plans to Open Physical Stores

After systematically dominating the world of online shopping, grocery stores, convenience stores, bookstores, and other sectors, Amazon is planning to establish department stores. ​ The e-commerce giant is confident that this move will help it sell physical items to in-person consumers directly. While this will cause disruption in the whole retail market and cement the […]

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In a shocking news story that reminds me of the early days of Amazon FBA, Internal Amazon documents have revealed that the giant has been knocking off products on its platform in India and exploiting its vast database to promote its own items in India at the expense of third-party sellers. The documents include business […]

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South Korea Welcomes Amazon Global

Amazon Consultants worldwide are excited to learn the e-commerce giant has spread its wings  to reach South Korean consumers by teaming up with a local retail player, 11 Street (11st). The mobile carrier giant SK Telecom owns 11 Street. Wider Variety and Free Shipping This deal will allow shoppers to purchase a variety of items […]