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Amazon Unseats Walmart as King of Retail

Huge news this week in amazon seller account management. The leading eCommerce giant, Amazon, has unseated Walmart, the brick-and-mortar behemoth, in the race towards being the world’s largest retail seller. This is proof that the future of online shopping is here with us. As a committed Amazon Seller consultant, I can’t say I am surprised […]

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Amazon Advertises more than 200 jobs at Ravenhall Centre

As the ecommerce retail behemoth Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Ravenhall prepares to open its doors, it is looking for more than 200 people to fill job positions in their distribution centre. The new facility also plans to create about 300 jobs to double its operational footprint in Victoria later this year. The company urges people […]

How rich is Jeff Bezos

Just how rich is Jeff Bezos?

While the epidemic continued to make 2020 a stormy sea of global recession, individuals such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk saw their wealth soaring higher. And until January this year, Bezos had occupied the number one position for more than three years. According to Forbes, Jeff Bezos is still the world’s richest person, with a […]

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The age of Direct-to-Consumer has come.

5 Direct-to-Consumer Trends to Watch in 2021 Like many other industries, the retail arena has gone through stormy weather due to Covid-19. Many retailers had to furlough employees, close stores, and embrace new strategies on the fly to take advantage of increased ecommerce demands. But Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands were well placed to weather the disruptions […]

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The Importance of Being First

Positioning. As anyone who’s surfed (including me back in the day!) would know instantly from the picture above, the guy having a great ride compared to the pack, was in position first. Everyone knows great surfers paddle to where the wave will be BEFORE it can be seen. Once you can see the wave, it’s […]

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Why Birkenstock gave Amazon the boot.

The popular German shoe company, Birkenstock, quit Amazon on Jan 1, 2017. The iconic sandal label, which has been in operation for over 240 years now, cited fake versions of its products on Amazon as the reason for bailing out. The company also said that it would not authorize sales from any third-party sellers on […]