Amazon Seller Management

Amazon Pledges to Make Good on Defective Third-Party Products

Amazon has long maintained that it’s not legally liable for defective or inferior third-parties’ products on its platform, arguing that the sellers bear that liability. This legal argument parallels those made by social media giants like Facebook about their liability for content landing on their platforms. Often this has put the brunt of complex legal […]

Amazon Black Friday comes early

For Amazon Customers, Black Friday Began Earlier Than Usual

Amazon has started “Black Friday-worthy deals” to kick-start the festive season shopping frenzy that’s predicted to be chaotic due to supply chain and shipping challenges. Deep Discounts Monday 4th October witnessed the company announcing “deep discounts across every category,” including electronics, toys, fashion, and home goods. The company is offering these discounts on a special webpage. […]

Amazon Extends its Battle against Visa in Australia

Amazon has extended its battle against Visa in Australia. The online giant introduced a surcharge on Visa transactions and disclosed that it’s providing an incentive for buyers to abandon their Visa credit cards. Gift Cards On September 1, an Amazon spokesman said that starting November 1, Visa transactions in Australia will be attracting a half-percent […]

Amazon Hiring Spree

Amazon Hiring Spree: More Than 55,000 Job Openings Worldwide

Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, announced that the company is planning to employ more than 55,000 people for technology and corporate positions worldwide in the coming months. This figure is more than 30% of Google’s headcount as of June 30th, almost equal to Facebook’s. In fact, Amazon is the second-largest private employer in the US (after […]

Amazon Singapore

Amazon Rolls Out IP Accelerator in Singapore

In August 2021, the eCommerce behemoth Amazon launched its Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator in Singapore. It plans to avail the IP Accelerator to sellers on the platform. The IP Accelerator will link SMEs to a network of Singaporean lawyers and law firms specializing in IP-related law. they include Viering, Ella Cheong LLC, Tan Peng Chin […]

Amazon Australia enters the Pre-Owned Retail Market

Amazon Australia enters the Pre-Owned Retail Market

We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t please everyone”. The same is true in business. It’s rarely effective to go after everyone as a potential customer. So finding the answer to the question of “Who is your customer?” will help focus your marketing efforts and perhaps even the products you offer.

IS Amazon Pharmacy the Right Medicine for the USA

IS Amazon Pharmacy the Right Medicine for the USA

2020 is the year marketing science catches up to the art: While once revered as more art than science, the discipline of marketing is becoming increasingly technical. As modern-day marketing practitioners, it has become table stakes to have some level of technical acumen on how the marketing technology stack plugs together.